Shading Eyebrows Collection Pigments (New)


PP colors are formulated from the FDA, FD&C, and D&C colorant listings. These safe, concentrated formulas provide consistent and superior coverage that a technician can depend on. They are highly concentrated so the color retention is superb, they are easy to use and they remain true to color so they age beautifully.

This includes 5 pigments:

  • Black Brown
  • Golden Brown
  • Pace Brown
  • Render Grey
  • Espresso

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Temperature: Extremely Cool
Light to Dark Scale: 6
Base: Black Brown Inorganic Contains a very small amount of Red in the base
Suggested Use: This is a dark black-brown color. The added Red in the base does not make this a warm color, this is an extremely cool color. Good for Fitzpatrick V-VI Skin types. This color may heal to the appearance of a rich black or black brown.


Temperature: Cool
Light to Dark Scale: 5
Base: Cool Yellow & Green Inorganic. Contains a small amount of red in the base.
Suggested Use: A well balanced rich medium brown eyebrow color, a little lighter than Pace Brown. This is a popular brow color because of how rich and beautiful it heals. Use on Fitzpatrick III – V skin.


Temperature: Cool to Extremely Cool
Light to Dark Scale: 5+ / Cool Yellow & Green Inorganic
Suggested Use: PP Pace Brown eyebrow color is good for Fitzpatrick IV-V. Use to obtain black/brown eyebrows.


Temperature: Extremely Cool
Light to Dark Scale: 4
Base: Black & White Inorganic
Suggested Use: This is a very dark taupe to charcoal appearing color when healed. Ideal brow color for senior women with salt & pepper or dark charcoal hair color who are accustomed to wearing darker gray or taupe pencil.

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1 Box (4 Pigments)

Product Documents

Download MSDS Sheet for PP Aquatone Black Brown: Click here
Download MSDS Sheet for PP Aquatone Golden Brown: Click here
Download MSDS Sheet for PP Aquatone Pace Brown: Click here
Download MSDS Sheet for PP Aquatone Render Grey: Click here


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