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PMU PROFESSIONAL brand was created as an idea to give PMU artists the best and most reliable product line they use daily for their clients. In our offer there are over 50 premium products such as Microblading Practice Skins, Microblading Needles, Microblading Anesthetics, Microblading Skin Marking/Measurements products, Microblading Safety products, Ink&Pigment Accessories, Microblading&PMU Devices, Microblading Disposable Tools, Microblading&Tattoo&Lips Aftercare and many more.

Our vision is to become an unavoidable place for all the best PMU artists, but also for those who follow the initial paths in their career as PMU Artist. By opening the PMU Professional concept online shop, we want to offer our customers a unique service, create integrated and customized solutions and help in selecting the right one products.

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