Fibroblast Needles

Fibroblast Needles


  • Safe and clean.
  • Ready for use.
  • Five types available.
  • Designed for Dion Plasma pen.

Please choose desired needle type.

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Fine Needle

  • Made of lead-free brass for safe use
  • It can use for Moles, Warts, Skin tags, Freckles Dark spot, Pigmentation Removal

Firming Skin Head

  • It has anti wrinkle and firming effect on the skin
  • Applying ampule and using firming skin head to effectively reduce wrinkles
  • When operation, the skin can be pushed in the opposite direction

Import Essence Head

  • Stimulate the dermis layer of the skin, help the skin absorb the essence into the dermis layer and promote the skin regeneration
  • The head has a high penetration, comparable to the MTS effect

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Custom Single Needle, Fine Needle, Firming Skin Head, Import Essence Head

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