Anti-Cellulite Slim Shape Program



Get a special price by choosing ANTI-CELLULITE SLIM SHAPE PROGRAM!

It includes a step by step explanation, and close up videos with voiceover to help you better understand the movements and techniques!

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Wood Therapy Online Course
A technique where shaped wood pieces are used to sculpt the body in desired areas, and to move and drain acumulated fat.

Vacumm Therapy Online Course
We use a special vacuum bag which helps slim down, lose weight, and pull toxins out of the body.

Anti-Cellulite Massage Online Course
This massage help you to feel and look better. It reduce tightness, gets rid of cellulite inside and outside of the skin, and helps you to get into the perfect shape.

• Full Curriculum
• 24/7 Support for 6 months after enrollment
• Certification issued upon completion

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